Budget friendly travel sites

Over the past few years I’ve discovered a love for travelling and picked up a few tips for how to do it on a budget. Here’s an idea of a few sites to get you started on a new adventure.

Air BnB

When travelling on a budget hotels can be pretty expensive, hostels of course can be a good option but if you’re looking for something a little different air bnb is my go to site. Of course it’s full of spectacular albeit more pricey options but you’ll also find some pretty fab little places that won’t break the bank!

It’s easy to use, choose your location, budget, dates, specify how many people are staying and you’ll be given various options. Once you choose the one you want contact the owner, if the place is available you can start planning your trip.

I’ve used air bnb to stay in Lyon, Toulouse and Antibes and have always been really lucky! The air bnb team are there to help with any problems and have lots of safety features in place. I recommend trying it once and you’ll be hooked!

Google Flights

This Google feature is incredible. You can use it to look for flights to a specific destination to find the best price. The alternative is just to type in dates you want to go on holidays and from which airport, Google will then give you all the options in Europe and further a field. Then choose the place or price that appeals to you. You’ll be told what airlines fly there and what dates are cheapest. Once you find a flight Google will direct you to the airlines site so you can book.

Sometimes I like to just go on Google flights type in random dates and see where is cheapest. This is actually how I ended up going to Rome, Edinburgh and Basel!


Within continental Europe buses can be a much cheaper way of getting from city to city or even from one country to another. I’m most familiar with the French bus system. Ouibus and flixbus offer low price fares within France and even to Spain and Italy. Of course the downside is you may have to spend up to 15 hours on a bus but if on a budget it’s definitely worth it in the end.
Travelling is expensive but a little research goes a long way, put in the effort now and it will pay off later.


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