Beauty Bits: ELF

When it comes to budget beauty e.l.f is a must! For those of you scratching your heads as to why I’m mentioning Santa’s little helpers in a beauty post in July fear not e.I.f stands for eyes lips face. It’s a budget beauty store which used to only be available online. However I have been luck enough to be living in one of the very few locations where they have a physical shop. For those of you familiar with Penny’s elf is a bit like it i.e. Next to impossible to leave empty handed. Prices start from about €1.50 and it has some great products, from amazing brushes to fab HD setting powders. I personally like the Β yellow HD powder it’s so fine and light gets rid of shine, Β no cake and a must for summer. Other essentials for summer are their primer and setting spray both fab!

If you’re jot luck enough to be living near an ELF store, check out their online shop. With such low prices you really can try out a few products and see what you think of it. My first buy was some brushes and I have never looked back since.

Happy Shopping



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