Travelling the French Riviera – Cannes and Antibes

The south of France is a pretty spectacular place but it’s so diverse! From small towns to big cities, countryside to seaside PACA – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur- has it all!

With temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees here I needed some time beside the sea. With cheap buses to anywhere along the French Riviera I started my air bnb search to find the perfect place.

Luckily I have some friends in Cannes so was able to crash there for a night and sea the town. When you think of Cannes images of stars on the red carpet during the film festival come to mind. The festival wasn’t on when we visited, thankfully, I don’t think I could handle those crowds! Cannes is so much bigger than I expected it’s made up the old town, the croisette and many many beaches.

I would recommend a stroll down the croisette to see the glamour of the 5 star hotels, private beaches and designer stores. Then check out the yachts on your way to the old town if you really want to feel poor 😂

The old town is very pretty, make sure to visit the castle museum and climb to the top of the tower for the most spectacular views of the sea and town.

After Cannes we made our way up to Antibes, less than 10 minutes away on the Terry and about €2. We stayed in Juan les Pins, it’s part of Antibes, it has all the beaches, bars, clubs basically it’s more of the party place. Our air bnb was 2 minutes from everything so location wise it was perfect.

Antibes isn’t as flashy rich as Cannes but it’s still expensive. One evening we checked out PamPam a Brazilian bar in Juan-les-Pins, cocktails are €15 however what your paying for isnt the drink but the show they put on with Brazilian dancers and singers. The atmosphere is electric it’s definitely an experience!

For somewhere a little quieter Antibes old town is a good option, it has lots of cafes,  restaurants and ice cream shops,  perfect for an afternoon stroll. Visit the port and walk along the walls to the huge statue of a man looking out onto the sea, it’s impressive.

Happy Holidaying




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