Visiting the Lavender Fields

Provence is often shown through images of big beautiful lavender fields. Having spent nearly a year in total living in this region I had yet to experience the magic of this purple wonder.

So why did it take me so long to see some proper lavender fields?

Firstly I spent my erasmus year here from September to late May… Guess when lavender season starts? Yup from June to August. It’s harvested throughout the summer so by September theres only empty fields to see.

Now that I’m back for the summer I was here at the perfect time. However to experience the lavender fields properly you need a car! Fortunately for me one of my friends also wanted to go see the lavender, had a driving licence and loved driving in France. So between five of us we chose a day, a route and set off.

The route we took was amazing, we started with some small lavender fields and ended the day watching the sunset over huge stretches of pure lavender fields.

Along the way we stopped in gorgeous little French towns. Cute little non touristy hideaways that really were beautiful. However sometimes places are full of tourists for a reason. Gordes was an example of this, it’s a stunning town in the LubΓ©ron region, built on the side of a hill and overlooking the French countryside…it’s pretty spectacular.

When driving between towns everytime we saw a lavender field in bloom we were able to stop and walk right up to the lavender. It’s amazing how close you can get, no fences or walls stopping you. There are however thousands and thousands of bee’s so if you are afraid are allergic maybe stay back a bit!

If you’re planning this trip I would recommend renting out a car, getting some guide books, a map and planning out your route. I’m sure there’s plenty of tips online too. June or July are the best time to go and make sure you check out Gordes, it really is something else.

Happy travels


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