French Food : Sunday Picnic

Let's be honest one of the best things about France is the food, and it would be such a shame to live here without testing everything out! So thats exactly what I aim to do... Try every French specialty there is. Let's start with the stereotypes - baguettes and croissants. That image of French people … Continue reading French Food : Sunday Picnic


Lifestyle : Moving to France for an Erasmus

When I first moved to France I had it pretty easy. Between my university at home and in Aix everything was pretty much sorted for me! Once I decided I wanted to do an erasmus, Aix en Provence seemed like the obvious choice. It was a small city, the school had a great reputation and … Continue reading Lifestyle : Moving to France for an Erasmus

Travel : Cities to visit in Croatia

Whenever I hear someone mention that they are going to Croatia or thinking of visiting I'm always instantly jealous! If you have never been it's definitely one for the bucket list, if you're lucky enough to have experienced the Dalmatian coast you will understand why I love it so much. My first introduction to Croatia … Continue reading Travel : Cities to visit in Croatia