Lifestyle : Moving to France for an Erasmus

When I first moved to France I had it pretty easy. Between my university at home and in Aix everything was pretty much sorted for me! Once I decided I wanted to do an erasmus, Aix en Provence seemed like the obvious choice. It was a small city, the school had a great reputation and I had heard many positive reports from students who previously studied there.

Accommodation wise I just filled in a form for the University halls, was allocated a room and moved in at the end of August. Having 5 other Irish students from my French class in the same accommodation was also pretty helpful!

This time around I’m doing things a bit differently. Now that I have graduated from college I’m ready for adult life, well almost ready. University (CROUS) rooms were perfect for my first living away from home experience but now I need more space. More space, an oven and a couch.

If you have never lived in French university dorms let me explain. Basically you get a room about 10m2 with an ensuite similar to an airplane bathroom. The kitchen i.e. 4 stove tops, a microwave and a sink is shared between 30 people. It’s by no means luxurious but it is cheap, €250 a month!

This year I want my own space and after much time spent searching the Web, emailing and visiting apartments I finally found our place, a little duplex in a gorgeous part of the city. It feels like a grown up apartment and I can’t wait to get in and start making it my own.

Once I’m settled in I’ll explain how we found the place and give tips for anyone else in the same situation. This is learning process for me so when I find things that work I’ll share my knowledge.

Happy Sunday



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