Sunday Picnics in the South of France

Let’s be honest one of the best things about France is the food, and it would be such a shame to live here without testing everything out! So thats exactly what I aim to do… Try every French specialty there is.

Let’s start with the stereotypes – baguettes and croissants. That image of French people wearing berets and stripy tops while holding baguettes? Well it isn’t a complete lie. While living here nearly every day without fail I have seen the least one person strolling (because in the south they are never in a rush.. Never!) down the street with a baguette tucked under one arm. Often that person is me but it’s true for the real frenchies too.

Every boulangerie is full of freshly baked baguettes which lure you in. Once in there the pain au chocolats, croissants and beautiful cakes are hard to resist. I recommend trying everything, and every bakery. Finding that bakery that does the best croissants in town is a special moment!


If you’re going to have a baguette you need something to go with it, France has you sorted with its array of cheeses. ChΓ¨vre, Brie, camembert, mimolette, gruyΓ¨re, emmental… It’s a long list! Add wine and grapes for an evening meal.

However I would suggest making a picnic of it… I love picnics. The best thing to do is head to the Saturday market – pick up some peaches, pears or whatever is on offer, some dried meat, some cheese.. Find a park, some friends and relax!


French Food is perfect for a picnic because it’s made to be shared, the baguette is the perfect example. While possible and pretty easy to eat a whole one alone, sitting in a group tearing off pieces of baguette and adding some cheese while drinking wine is more fun.


Life in France definitely has some perks.

Happy Eating


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