How to Spend a Perfect Saturday in Toulouse

After living in Toulouse for over two months I still find myself discovering new places everyday. This city has a lot to offer, it’s compact and with so many small streets and different neighbourhoods its a wonderful place to explore.


Today the sun finally shone, after two weeks of rain I need a little sunshine to warm me up. The plan was to go to a cute tea and cake cafΓ© that I have wanted to go to for weeks. It’s very much a ‘ladies who lunch’ type place so it was the perfect excuse to dress up. I put on my new coat, threw on some red lipstick and headed off. Unfortunately the cafΓ© was full to the brim!


With this outfit I felt so French so I don’t know if it was a subconscious decision to remind me of my home country but we ended up in an Irish bar. As I said toulouse has a lot of hidden gems and The Classroom is definitely one. This Irish brunch was just fab and such a good find!


As I discover more of Toulouse I’m going to start sharing some of my top tips when visiting the city. Maybe a Toulouse Tuesdays or Thursdays? In the meantime if you want any advice on the city feel free to write to me!




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