Coffee culture in France

Coffee Time

Even after all this time living in France there is one thing I cannot get my head around… The tiny coffee!


Last year during my final semester in college I couldn’t go without my daily cappuccino. It became nearly a ritual, every morning after starting my studies I would reward myself with a nice big cup of coffee. With a price tag of less than €2 it was an indulgence I had no reason to give up.

That is until now.

To get a full (Irish/English/American etc) size cappuccino in France you’re lucky if you can find one for less than €4.50. That’s if you can even find one, apart from the chains like Starbucks you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more than an espresso in most places.

(Helpful hint: if you order a café it’s an espresso, a café allongé is more like an Americano (don’t order an Americano they’ll charge you tourist prices ;))

However,  I have been on a quest in Toulouse to find the best coffee replacement and its been a pretty good journey. I already have a favourite café – Café Den- it does every type of coffee, cappuccino, frappuncino and at pretty good prices. My go to coffee is a café au lait, I just need milk in my coffee, and unlike in Ireland you won’t be offered cold milk to add to your hot coffee.


(I’ll have to do another post on the best sweet treats in Toulouse :p)

Check out the foam on this cappuccino from cafe Den… They offered whipped cream or foam I chose the foam and wow there was foam!


I found the cutest take away coffee bar in Carmes which does high quality cappuccinos, they are small, very small but great coffee.


My search continues and while I’m trying to stay away from Starbucks and keep it French I’m afraid I may crack in this cold weather.



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