Lifestyle : Monday Motivation

In November I decided to stop waiting for the new year. We all seem to promise ourselves that January is the month we will finally accomplish all our goals, those things that we never quite got around to in 2016. The problem is that in reality the last thing you’ll feel like doing on January 1st is to start that diet, exercise regime or writing that novel. Starting is half the battle so take the hard step now and begin.


Monday Motivation, New Monday, New Week, New Goals

The problem we face is lack of motivation, we don’t have the get up and go attitude now. So the first step, no matter what your goal, is to get in the mindset. Here’s what I have found useful this month.

1. Ted Talks

I have always heard about Ted talks but didn’t really understand what they were. It’s basically a platform where various people give presentations. The variety of talks is huge, from people who have faced serious personal struggles or disabilities to people who have set up there own successful business. Each one is motivating in their own way. If you want to choose a career, be happy in yourself or for example manage anxiety, there is a Ted talk to inspire you. I have felt inspired after listening to these talks and I would recommend checking them out for yourself.

2. Research

If you want to run a marathon, set up a business or perfect your eyeliner skills research how to do it. Knowledge is power. Learning how to do something or learning more about something will help with what ever goal, big or small you have. Do the research now so in January you can take on your task with full force.

3. Just do it

Research is key but don’t fall into the trap of all talk and no action. Do something proactive now, if you want to run a marathon next year go for a walk today. Make sure to always move towards your goals.

4. Have fun

When you do things that you enjoy you’re happier, it’s easy. So meet that friend, see that film or go on that trip. Do something that you enjoy, a positive mindset will make any task so much easier.

If you have any tips on how to ‘get back on track’ let me know.

Happy Monday


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