Its December 3rd and I have written a post everyday this month, I guess that is only three but it feels like an achievement! Haha so I have decided to do blogmas!! I have heard of so many others doing vlogmas and decided to jump on the bandwagon. Having spent the last few weeks getting motivated for the new year this feels like the perfect task to complete before 2016 ends.

Last year I was so busy studying that I didn’t get the chance to really appreciate December. I decided then that I was going to make sure that in 2016 I would give myself the chance to fully appreciate the season. So here I am, I have four exams and one presentation, all masters level, all in French, but I have the tree up and the fairy lights on. For any students out there I feel your pain. Last year trying to have any joy while studying for my final year law exams was tough. Hang in there, in just a few shorts weeks they will be over and you will get your life back!


Our mini Christmas tree 🎄

So here it goes blogmas : day 3.

France seems to be a bit behind on the whole Christmas spirit thing. Although the lights are up and they look fabulous, there’s one problem…They haven’t been turned on. Its Decemeber 3rd. Fear not though, I have just found out that the official turning on of the lights is tonight! To say I am excited is an understatement. I cant wait to share photos of all the pretty lights over on my instagram @indieandlily. Toulouse is a gorgeous city every other day of the year but I have a feeling it will be extra special now.

Looking forward to completing this blogmas challenge, if anyone else is doing it too let me know in the comments below!

Happy Saturday


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