Adventure Diary

Over the past 2 years I have travelled a lot and it’s about time I shared all my adventures.

It was during my Erasmus that I discovered how affordable travel really could be and I definitely took advantage of it with all my spare time. I caught the travel bug after that year and luckily being in a long distance relationship meant that I have been able to keep up my adventures! I consider myself lucky to be in a cross continent relationship because it has allowed me to discover places I never would have otherwise visited, most notably Brazil. I’m saving the Brazil post for the moment because that deserves extra time and special attention, but I promise it will be worth the wait!

Im going to start a travel series and I will be starting closer to home and working my way outwards towards Brazil. My travel have been based on a student budget so I will share my travel tips (I have a full separate post here). Travelling as a nearly broke student is surprisingly doable. Of course Brazil wasn’t one of these but everyone needs places on their bucket list that are worth saving for. They say that the only the only thing you can buy that’s get better over time is travel. When you’re 90 you won’t remember the day you bought the latest iPhone but you will remember the time you flew half way across the world and had the adventure of a lifetime.

I have a bucket list of places I need to visit and I am making sure to put those plans into action. Writing a bucket list is something everyone should do, it gives you something to look forward to and to aim for. On those Monday mornings when commuting to work or college, dreaming of escaping to somewhere exotic might just make the journey pass a little quicker.

While waiting for my next post check out some of my previous travel blog posts::




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