Toulouse Christmas Market

Toulouse Christmas Market : Drinks

Welcome to part 2 of my guide to Toulouse Christmas market! If you missed part 1 find it here.


So after all that food you will need something to quench your thirst, the Christmas market has you sorted! France is famous for its wine and for a good reason, its quality is second to none. The advantage of being in France is that the taxes are nowhere near as high as in Ireland. Wine is part of the French culture. It’s an important part of French meals, lunch and dinner. As a result of its importance and because it is produced in the country it’s very affordable. A three or four euro bottle here is the equivalent to a nine euro bottle in Ireland…

So where can you find wine in the market? There are numerous stalls selling vin chaud (mulled wine). This hot, sweet wine infused with spices is the perfect winter warmer. It costs €3 for a generous cup and I highly recommend it. It warms your hands and your soul.


There is also a more upscale bar selling cold drinks line beer and wine, it even does oysters. Although like the rest of the market there is no indoor space, its not needed, temperatures are pretty mild and rain is rare. Today was fifteen degrees and I was overheating in my coat and scarf!

If you aren’t into alcohol have no fear, Toulouse has you sorted. There’s hot chocolate which you can sip as you explore the stalls. I haven’t had the chance to try the chocolate just yet however I have seen it and it looks divine. If chocolate isn’t your thing, try the mulled apple juice. I love this at home its a great alternative to mulled wine.

The one thing that the Toulouse Christmas market lacks is a beer tent. In Galway, where I’m from, the large German beer tent is one of the main features of the market. It’s a great place to go with friends or as part of a Christmas night out. I would say that the Toulouse market is more family orientated and as with French culture in general they don’t have the same way of drinking as the Irish. A glass of vin chaud is to be enjoyed while browsing.

Watch out for part 3 of my Toulouse Christmas market series: gift stalls.

Happy Travelling



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