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So today I have something a little different to share! After discovering each other on instagram and loving each other’s blog myself and Budgetgirllife decide to collaborate. I’m loving Jenns thoughts on the French and have to say I completely agree with her! Give it a read and make sure to check out Jenns blog it’s fab!
Budget Girl Life Goes to France
Bonjour! Greetings from Miami, my name is Jenn from Budgetgirlife. I’m thrilled to be taking over IndieAndLily, an Irish gal living in France. I went on my first euro-trip last year all on my own! It was incredibly scary but I managed to pull it off and come back home with wonderful memories. As an American visiting a completely different lifestyle, I did notice a lot of differences. Traveling is such a great experience to learn from others and of course when in France visit the Eiffel tower.
The French life seems to be a lot more laid back, everyone is almost whispering among each other. The women are stylish in their own way, very muted colors and minimal styles. I can actually relate to that because I LOVE wearing neutrals. But besides the sense of fashion and the hot French guys I also noticed the French cannot live without coffee! At all hours of the day and night they always want a cup of coffee and a croissant. It amuses me how much the French eat carbs yet their all so thin, I’m guessing its all the walking they do since it’s not convenient to own a car.
A funny story I’d like to share, on the first day of arriving at my Airbnb location the locks were not opening. In sheer panic I tried contacting the Airbnb host but she wasn’t answering. At the time, a friend of mine was living in Paris and was going to meet up with me. So I decided to wait downstairs for her, which was a street full of bakeries and restaurants. I didn’t really know where to sit because everyone was eating and I wasn’t going to order anything. So I saw this small little step on the side of the building and I decided to sit there and eat my sandwich. I did not know sitting on the side of the street was a crime! Everyone was looking at me like if I was crazy…. Some French men said something to me but of course I didn’t understand. Apparently only the homeless do that, and all the French were making fun of me, LOL! I later got all this information from my friend when I told her what had happened. “OMG I can’t believe you did that!” was her reaction. I didn’t think what I had done was seen as so low, lol I just didn’t know where to sit! And I felt lonely waiting for a friend in a city I had never been to.
Well that’s my story, I had a pretty great time in Paris, the French life is very relaxing. I feel like in the states everyone is in such a rush, we don’t take the time to just BE.
Thank you Yvonne for allowing me to share my story!
Xoxo, Budgetgirl
Blog:              Instagram: @budgetgirlife_blog

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