Guide to visiting the Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs of Moher in County Clare,  Ireland are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland. Anyone who visits from abroad includes this on their tour as the cliffs are supposed to be one of the most spectacular in Europe. Rising up to 220m above the Atlantic ocean over 1 million people arrive every year to this spectacular view. This is a pretty impressive number considering the population of Ireland is 4 million!


Living less than 2 hours away I really had no excuse but I actually only manged to visit this year, so I’m happy to have finally ticked this off the bucket list! I’m going to be sure to finally visit a few new Irish destinations in 2017, it’s so easy to dismiss what we have on our own door step or take it for granted. Sometimes we need to take a step back and play tourist at home.

How to get there?

The cliffs can be reached by car and are about an hour and a half from Galway. The roads are windy and narrow but the scenery is beautiful and you get a real feel for the Irish countryside.

Another option is a tour, Paddy wagon is a tour company that does day trips from Dublin for €40.

Healy bus do trips from Galway to the cliffs of Moher stopping by the Ailwee caves (not included in ticket price – €5 extra)  and even an Irish pub. Tickets cost €22 for an adult and €18 for a student.

How much?

If driving, you can park just across from the visitor centre prices are €6 for adults, €4 for students, this includes access to he cliffs and visitors centre.

Ticket prices are included within tours.

When to go?

Visiting the cliffs on the 30th of December may not seem like the obvious time to go but to be honest with Irish weather there’s no use waiting until summer! Although it was windy the view was spectacular none the less, I just made sure not to stand too close to the edge.


Cold days are fine but check the weather before you go to avoid being caught up in the fog which hampers the view.

Where’s the best view?

There are two paths to take to see the cliffs. Veer right and you’ll have a full view off the cliffs. The path is paved so much easier to walk (uphill). It’s also safer as there’s a wall and no chance off accidentally finding yourself too close to the cliff edge. The full view of the cliffs is beautiful.


There is also another path too your left which bring you closer to the cliff edge. Adventure seekers, hikers, bloggers wanting a good photo this path is for you. It comes with many warnings and isn’t part of the visitor centre so isn’t the best for kids or anyone afraid of heights/cliff edges. When the cliffs become more unstable these paths are completely closed off.

The visitor centre?

The visitor centre was very cleverly built into the hills beside the cliffs so not to impose too much on the otherwise unspoiled nature. Its worth going into the centre to have a look around at the exhibition of you want to find out a few more facts about the cliffs.

Food/ drink?

The visitor centre has a café and a restaurant which are quite good. We found the prices to be pretty reasonable – soup was €4.95 and chowder €5.95 both served with a thick slice of brown bread. A meal such as Guinness beef stew was about €13. They also do full dinners, pizzas, sandwiches, cakes etc.


If you’re planning a trip to Ireland make sure to include this stop (after Galway of course ;)). The cliffs are truly spectacular, they’re so wild and show the true beauty of Ireland. We are an island after all so our coastline is a big feature! Be sure to let me know if you visit or if you have visited and have any suggestions! 🙂

Happy Travelling



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