How to dress like the French for a Friday Night Out


Before my Erasmus started my college gave us some “advice”. One of the main things they told us was to leave the heels at home because in France we wouldn’t need them. Now if you’re in college in Ireland this makes France sound like a foreign world,  on a night out in at home everyone is in dresses/ skirts and heels. Going to a nightclub in your “day” clothes of course can be done but you may feel a little under-dressed. However, I did as I was told and I left all the clubbing clothes behind, surprisingly, I never had a need for them. We learned pretty soon on that for a night out jeans were sufficient and even a dressy top was nice, but not necessary. Getting ready for a night on the town was easy, there was very little preparation but to be honest I missed my routine. Personally I love to dress up, it makes the night feel more special, I look forward to it and getting ready can sometimes be the best part!  So after that year and now that I’m back living in France I have found a compromise, I mostly wear jeans on a night out but can’t forego a pretty necklace and a dressy top.

So for an easy to put together look which achieves my balance between dressy and casual I have styled this look. I have based the outfit around the POCO Saturday nights, while my budget doesn’t yet stretch as far as these I would love to invest in a good pair of jeans. From what I have seen other bloggers seem to love them so I’m looking forward to what the new year has in store for the POCO brand. Through Pippas snapchat at the weekend she gave a sneak peek of the newest high waited black jeans and oh wow I want them already. I think Pippa is fab and am a big fan of the pippa palette, mine is very well used! The jeans are only available online at the  moment but Pippa held a pop up shop in Limerick and Dublin this weekend and it looks like more are planned over the coming weeks. If you’re like me and prefer to try before you buy this is a great opportunity to do so.

If you’re after a more budget friendly pair of jeans check out my last fashion post where i have included my go to black jeans.

Jeans of course are generally casual, we wear them at weekends, weekdays, but they can so easily be dressed up for a night out. It all depends on the top and shoes you pair them with. This blush pink sateen top, €16 from Bershka, is the perfect dressy but simple top for a night out with the girls or date night. The satiny sheen and cold shoulder cut outs will definitely add a little something to your Saturday night.


Bershka Blouse

Paired with this statement necklace from Betty and Biddy this simple top is transformed. I love statement necklaces as they really transform an outfit and dress up any top. The colours pick up the pink in the top and it would sit nicely on the neckline if this blouse. If you like something a little more subdued a dainty silver or gold necklace would work too. As you can see from my photos below I choose to wear a simple gold necklace for a casual date night.


Betty and Biddy Necklace

The fit of the POCO Saturday nights looks great. I love the dark wash as  I live in black jeans. A longer length is being brought out but the model in this pic is 5’9″ (im 5’8″) and they look perfect on her. A bit of ankle showing is perfect with heels, especially when you want to show them off.


POCOs The Saturday Night

These rose gold court shoes, from asos, fit well with the blush pink top and dress up the jeans nicely.


Public Desire Rose Gold Court Shoe

I wore this outfit on Friday night for “date night” with just some black ankle boots and new look black jeans. The top is definitely the focus of the outfit and honestly is so easy to just throw on for an impromptu night out. I managed to get the top in the sales for less than €9 which was an absolute bargain! Sales here start at the end of January/ beginning of February which gives you a chance to recover from Christmas before hitting the shops again!

What do you think of a more laid back Saturday night outfit? Are you someone who loves to dress up or do you prefer to be a little more comfortable?

Until next time! Happy shopping!



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