How to Dress like the French

During my time in France I have noticed how effortless the french style is, they don’t overdo it but achieve an enviable look. Fashion here is appreciated, in Toulouse, as with many french towns, all the cafes have outdoor seating which is arranged to allow for some serious people watching. Sitting in a cafe or bar with a drink in hand you can watch the world and the style go by. The inspiration is endless. French fashion is definitely a bit of a mixture but the main theme is effortless, from their hair to their makeup it just seems like they threw it on in twenty minutes but you know in reality it took a lot longer. So when shopping now I’m trying to pick pieces that are stylish but easy to throw on, easy to wear.

I have realised that one of the easiest ways to achieve this is dresses.

I used to think that dresses were too … “dressy” for everyday wear but over the years my opinion has completely changed and now I really appreciate the causal dress. I mean its a whole outfit in one, throw on a jacket, some tights, shoes and you’re ready to go. No need to match jeans to tops, tops to jacket etc etc. I lived in dresses this summer, it was my first summer living in actual sunshine. The South of France gets hot, June to August temperatures averaged at about 30 degrees Celsius and reached as high as 36! Needless to say I didn’t want too many layers and like so many I didn’t feel overly comfortable in shorts. As Aix en Provence is a landlocked city I didn’t have the luxury of sitting by a pool and needed to dress “properly” so summery dresses were my go to! When September came I started adding jackets, then tights and transitioned into Winter. My light summery dresses are gone and have been replaced by warmer winter numbers.

For this weeks fashion post have based this look around this Topshop dress which will see you through the winter and take you into the spring. I’ve paired it here with a casual denim jacket to make it more daytime but you could just as easily dress it up for night time, replace the denim with leather and the boots with heels.

Dress €50 Topshop


Bell sleeves are definitely a trend this year but I have seen some pieces that just seem so impractical, I can just imagine the sleeves dipping into my coffee or lunch and ruining the day. Topshops take on this trend however is very wearable, and with the long sleeves there’s no need for an added layer under your jacket, a winner for me. This dress would be beautiful paired with a red lip to really make the flowers pop.Of course the red lip is a French beauty staple!

For daytime I would pair this dress with a simple necklace but for nighttime a statement necklace could definitely work. I have recently been loving delicate necklaces and this one from the Dotty Lemon fits the bill! The gold “secret circle” is just beautiful and isn’t too fussy, perfect for a more effortless look.

Necklace €24.95 The Dotty Lemon


Until the weather warms up a little this dark denim jacket is the perfect pairing. It makes the outfit a little more casual and a little less “girly”. Roll up the sleeves to show off those bell sleeves!

Denim Jacket €64 Topshop


To finish the outfit simple black ankle boots would be the most effortless option. These should be a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe, ankle boots go with everything, are easy to through on  and so widely available it’s easy to find a pair that suits you. In October I found these caprice boots and they are the comfiest and warmest boots I have owned which is so necessary for my ice cold feet. They were €100 at the time but worth the investment as they go with everything! I love the silver detailing and wear these for night or day time. Caprice do lots of other types of shoes and I would really recommend them. I found mine in Logues, Galway but I have found them online where they are half price! When I was in Malta I was asked where I found these boots by a girl who loved the style, she said she was looking for a boot that wasn’t too flat as she found her very flat boots uncomfortable. These one are a perfect height not too flat and not much of a heel.

Boots €100 Caprice (€50 on Zalando) 


Having lived in France for nearly two years now I can see my style developing, its hard for it not to. The french way of life is definitely influential, from the food to the fashion they have their ways of doing things that we can all learn from. The relaxed but put together day time style works here, my next fashion post will be all about French night out style which is a bit different than back home.

Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below! 🙂

Links to all items mentioned above :

Disclaimer : These are not affiliate links, this is not an ad or sponsored post. I will be sure to let you now if ever a post is sponsored 🙂


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