How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe


It feels like nowadays everyone has a signature style, they know what they like and are very particular in what they buy. It seems to be a trend with fashion bloggers now that they have only few colours that they wear and have based their wardrobe around this. It’s minimalist and ensures that everything you buy will go with everything you already own. I love this idea but haven’t yet been able to follow these rules. I’m definitely more of I see what I like and I buy it kinda gal. The problem then is trying to make an outfit that works, which usually involves buying more clothes. Now that I am in my 20s this is the time to start developing a personal style and putting more thought into what I buy.

Retro Flame (i.e. Erika Fox) is definitely my inspiration at the moment. Her style is fabulous and she has an enviable capsule wardrobe. However a while agoΒ she linked back to an older blog post from a few years ago and its safe to say her style has changed a lot! Since then she has created her own signature look based around a few colours mainly black, white and beige. Every outfit works and her insta feed is #goals.

Getting to this stage involves planning and real thought. Its involves building a foundation, a capsule wardrobe to work with. This takes time, a capsule wardrobe needs investment pieces. Style doesn’t change over night it changes over years but building a signature style requires a conscience decision, it involves being particular in what you buy, really thinking about how a new purchase fits in with a base wardrobe. Whereas a few years ago we would have created mood boards with magazine cut outs of outfits for inspiration now we can create them online. With access to so much online window shopping we can do all our research from the comfort of our couch. Through creating wishlist baskets we can see what we like and what we would like to own. Before buying impulse items we can meticulously plan outfits from top to toe on asos, topshop etc.

With this in mind today I have created an outfit that includes staple items, pieces that I would love to own. As I’m thinking about careers, work outfits are something I am really going to have to start thinking about and investing in. So I have taken my own advice and created an online outfit to add to my online ‘mood board’.

Todays look is minimalist, a perfect base outfit to build on. I have yet to pick ‘key colours’, it takes a lot of dedication to limit yourself this much, well for me anyways. So inspired by Retro Flame for today I have chosen black, white and beige.

One investment piece I do have that I am in love with and using as a staple piece in my wardrobe to build off and create a personal style is this French Connection coat. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@indieandlily) you will have seen this quite a bit. I have also done a separate post all on how to style a camel coat which you can check out here. In that post I linked a cheaper option however I recently found my coat back on the French Connection website so I’m featuring it here.

Its the perfect base for this minimalist outfit, it has impact, is a simple block colour and goes with so many outfits.

French Connection Platform Felt Wool Coat


Underneath the coat I’m sticking to the minimalist theme but using lower budget pieces. I think when building a wardrobe, especially as a student, you are still going to need lower priced items to have a complete outfit. This leather skirt and white t-shirt combo is versatile, pair with heels for night time or swap the top for a shirt for the 9-5.

H&M V – neck White T-shirt


I love a well fitted skirt and this leather look one from Topshop is perfect for this outfit. Its simple, versatile and can be mixed and matched for nighttime and day time wear.

Leather Look Pencil Skirt

leather skirt.jpg


Accessories are where you can really bring your own personal touch into the outfit. If you like big statement costume jewellery it would add some fun and a talking piece to this more simple look. A long gold chain with a simple pendant would add class and simplicity. Or wear your favourite necklace gold, silver whatever. To keep with the black/white/ beige theme I have chosen topshop piece, it adds some personality.

Topshop necklace



To finish the outfit shoe choice would really depend on the occasion and time of year. For a casual weekend outfit I would pair this with black tights and ankle boots – leather or suede. For work black or beige heels or flats. As a nighttime look you could pair this with some funky bright heels, trendy embroidered boots Β or keep to the minimalist colours with heels or boots. The options are endless because the outfit is the perfect base canvas.

As always let me know what you think of this look? Are you loving the whole minimalist trend or does it sound too limiting?

Happy Shopping!


Disclaimer : None of the links above are affiliate links nor is this post sponsored. If I ever do start using affiliate links or having sponsored post I will be sure to let you know! πŸ™‚




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