Sunday Brunch outfit ideas

Breakfast differs a lot from country to country but to me no matter where I am or what’s on the table it is the best meal of the day. Can you tell anything about a country or its people from its first meal of the day? I certainly hope not. Take the “French breakfast” and an “Irish breakfast” for example, one is light and sophisticated and the other is heavy and greasy. While the french wouldn’t mind being called light and sophisticated I don’t think the Irish would be too happy to be called heavy and greasy! Petit dej here in France consists of coffee, orange juice and a croissant. Its pretty, tasty and simple. The full Irish has rashers, sausages, eggs, black pudding, toast and tea. That’s a mouthful…literally.

Both have something in common though its a meal that brings people together, breakfast is an occasion, it brings together family or friends to share food and a good time. This is why the concept of “brunch” has grown, that meal eaten sometime between breakfast and lunch. Brunch is growing in popularity, just check out Instagram on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you are sure to find lots of #brunch inspo. Its become such an event that more and more cafes are offering a weekend menu with most menus costing around the same price as a dinner. So it makes sense that people want to dress up and make an occasion if they are going to venture outside and spend some well earned money.

So todays fashion post is #brunch inspired. It needs to be something easy to throw on, especially if the brunch is the follow up event to a night out, but it also needs to be stylish. Instagram photos are essential at any brunch so of course the outfit has to be worthy of an insta post.


And just in case you’re here for the food inspo, these are my two favourite spots. Dela (on the left) in Galway does an amazing brunch menu and these pancakes are delicious. Check out Delas instagram Β for some drool worthy shots.

In Toulouse The Classroom, an Irish pub, does a great affordable brunch. Its a take on the Irish breakfast but with a real contemporary twist.


Hope you enjoyed todays Fashion post. I know writing it has got me dreaming of Sunday brunch!


As always no links are sponsored and they are not affiliate links. I will be sure to let you know in future if any are.


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