Building a work wardrobe on a student budget




As a post grad student I’m in that phase where its time to start building a more “grown up wardrobe”. Transitioning from full time to student to professional takes time and so I’m trying to start now and gradually build a work wardrobe. After I finished my Erasmus I had a week between moving back to Ireland and starting a month long internship in a top 5 Dublin law firm. That meant less than 7 days to build a professional wardrobe from scratch. Β I played it quite safe, not knowing what to expect, and thankfully now have a base wardrobe of staple pieces to build on. However that internship taught me that office style doesn’t have to be boring and there is more freedom than what I had originally thought.

I still have a bit of time before being immersed in the working world so I want to buy pieces that I can wear now casually but can dress up down the line. That means structured pieces that when worn with jeans looks stylish and laid back but with a blazer or black trousers that bit more formal.

After searching through, the three Zara stores in Toulouse, looking for a shirt I had seen online I finally came across what I was looking for in Stradvarius. This blue pin striped shirt is exactly what I was looking for. Its fun enough to pair with jeans for a causal Saturday now but structured enough to transition into work wear later on. It costs €26 and is super light weight. At this price its perfect for a student looking to build a work wardrobe.

Here I have teamed the shirt with my trust Penneys jeans and white leather converse. The key to building a wardrobe on a student budget is to team new things with what you already own. Before making a purchase first stop and ask yourself will it go with the rest of your wardrobe? If the answer is no maybe its not the right purchase unless you are planning on buying an entire new outfit. Instead buy pieces that can fit into your existing wardrobe and your future wardrobe.


You can find this shirt on Stradvarius’ website here


Let me know your thoughts on how to build a work wardrobe while on a student budget. How have you transitioned from student to professional? Any tips or tricks as always would be appreciated.


Disclaimer : this is not an affiliate link. I will of course let you know if I do start using affiliate links.


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