Fashion: What to wear instead of jeans

I have been living in jeans for far too long and its time for a change. My black skinny jeans are just so easy to throw on and go with everything in my wardrobe , but I have become to reliant on them and I need to break the cycle. I don’t think I’m alone! The skinny jeans ‘trend’ has not stopped and even though we may complain that the perfect pair is hard to find I think most of us love the comfort of a nice pair of jeans. They don’t draw too much attention because everyone else is wearing them too.  We need to step outside our comfort zones and ditch the denim! That however is easier said than done.

As a student I have been pretty free to wear what I want but as I start to think about my future career I know its time to leave the student wardrobe behind. I was never one to rock up to lectures in anything too casual but at the same time there were no rules and you really can get away with anything. Now with spring time bringing warmer temperatures and the loss of a few layers of clothing its the perfect moment to try something new. As I mentioned in my previous post on building a work wardrobe I am trying to introduce more versatile pieces into my wardrobe that will make the transition from student to professional easier. Tops, blazer and shoes are easier to find but when it comes to trousers I struggle I have tried on many different pairs but still seem to go back to the jeans, well it’s about time that changed!

When I think of proper grown up clothing that’s modern, stylish and relatively affordable my mind goes to Zara.  So for today look I have chosen my favourite trousers from their current line. Some of these looks would nudge me outside my comfort zone the other push with great force. They are all fun and great options for those looking for a bit of a spring time change.

My first pick are these black trousers with a hint of lace, its nearly a mullet style situation going on with ‘business in the front party in the back’. From the front these pants look sophisticated well fitted and simple but from the back you can see the hint of lace which brings an element of fun. Black is an easy colour to wear, these trousers are perfect to encourage you away from the jeans but still giving you comfort because they aren’t overly out there.

Black Lace Detail Trousers €49.95 Zara

These beautiful red trousers are a simple style but the colour is just fab! Paired with a white top and a red lip you have the perfect french look.

Red Trousers €49.95 Zara

red trousers

If you are not a fan of colour but want something that is going to stand out from the crowed this flared pick is perfect. The short length and flared detailing is a welcome change from the usual skinny denim jeans. Penneys have a similar pair in at the moment and I would recommend trying them out. I tried a pair today and unfortunately the fit  wasn’t great on me but I’m sure they work for others and at Penneys prices if you just want to try the trend it could be a great option.

Flared Trousers 

frilled trousers

Lastly if you want to be thrown outside your comfort zone (mine anyways) these yellow flared trousers are just stunning. Imagine these as a casual look with a black leather jacket or even worn to a formal occasion with a beautiful top and some great heels.

Flared Yellow Trousers Zara €49.95


Finally, if you really aren’t convinced and can’t imagine anything replacing your trusty denims this last pair might be for you. These slouchy navy drawstring trousers are comfortable, easy to throw on, stylish and a slight change from your usual. Paired with the right top these trousers can be dressed up or down.

Drawstring Trousers Zara €19.95

polka dot

What are your thoughts? Am I wrong, am I the only one who is still committed to my jeans? Do these picks push you outside your comfort zone or is your style bigger and bolder than this?

I’m on the lookout for a staple pair of black trousers at the moment and hoping to do another post on that in the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions on where to find a great pair of fitted black trousers that won’t break the bank let me know!

As always I would love to hear from you!


Disclaimer: Non of these links are affiliate links, this is not an ad and Zara have not sponsored me to do this post (that is the dream!).


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