Fashion: Taking the minimalist trend into summer


A few weeks ago I wrote about how to build a minimalist wardrobe and since then I have been trying to put my own advice into practice. While I don’t (yet) have the budget to invest in pieces that will last forever I am trying to get into buying pieces which I can mix and match. I spoke before about how I find it difficult to commit to a wardrobe based on only a few colours but I’m realising how much easier it would be to create outfits when everything in your wardrobe matches!

In my last post I picked 3 colours – black, white and beige – and I have picked the same colours for todays post. Building a wardrobe made up of lots of basic pieces with neutral colours is a great way to start. You can always add the fun pieces later but if you are in a rut and want to change/ develop your style its a good place to begin. Its better at the begining to spend your money on things that you can wear time and time again in lots of different ways rather than buying that once piece which is beautiful but not that versatile.

The high street is full of options for finding basic pieces and there’s plenty of choice depending on your budget. Here in Toulouse I love Zara, there’s three of them and they are full of pieces which are so versatile. From work wear to basics and super on trend pieces its a one stop shop. Prices range from very affordable to that bit more pricey. The TRF section is particularly affordable and very “on trend”. Although if you’re after a capsule wardrobe its better to stay away from trends that will disappear quickly.

Unfortunately back home in Galway we don’t have a Zara (why???) but we do have a fantastic Penneys! In fairness to Toulouse they have been trying to open a “Primark” but keep getting delayed. When I first moved here last summer it was due to open in the Winter 2016, now its looking more like 2018. Fortunately when I was home over the Easter break I managed to get into Penneys and stock up. Penneys has really upped its game over the past few years. As it has been a few months since I was last in it was my first time seeing all their spring/ summer stock and I was impressed. There was just so much choice! I had to go back a second…and third time to make sure i tried everything on. As with most shops not everything looked as good on me as it did on the hanger but I managed to find some great pieces.

This look is nearly all from Penneys and I may be biased but I think it looks a lot more expensive. If you read my post on what to wear instead of jeans  you’ll know that I have been trying to get out of my jeans rut. These culottes are the perfect solution. They are surprisingly comfortable, light and most  importantly I feel great wearing them. The weather here is a bit unsettled, its in that awkward stage between not yet summer but not winter anymore with hot and cold days appearing randomly. I wore these on a day that it was 26 degrees. Not being ready yet to don the shorts these culottes were perfect. Jeans were going to be too heavy but these pants were s great solution. I didn’t have to get my pale legs out but didn’t overheat, that’s a result! The best part….they were only €10! At that price I couldn’t leave them behind and I’m glad I didn’t.


This white, cold shoulder, ruffled detail top goes perfectly with the bottoms. Its fresh and bright but adds some fun. I’m not usually a fan of white tops…mainly because every white thing I own has been turned blue… my boyfriend does the washing… Anyways I bought it and will make sure its not thrown in with any blue jeans.

This look is easily adapted to colder days by throwing on a black leather jacket but equally works on a hot sunny day because both pieces are so light.

Let me know what you think of this look. Are you a fan of the minimalist trend? Would culottes be your thing?


Until next time, happy shopping.




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